How often do we have an idea or a half-baked plan we think would be good, but tell ourselves we’ll get to it ‘one day’? If you’re like most people, quite a bloody lot.

The world and society we knew as normal is changed, for a short time or longer, and it means most of us are left with more time at home, more time with our thoughts, even if it’s just the commute to work we don’t need to do any more.

Slowing down is so good for the soul and the body. When we slow down, our mind works differently and we feel less pressure, and if we also have just a little more time available, we can chip away at things we fee we ought to do but haven’t.

But we don’t need to overhaul everything and put ourselves under unnecessary pressure to achieve huge change or goals. That would be counter-productive.

The small things though, are there for us to do more of:

  • call or write to someone we wish we had more contact with
  • learn to bake our own bread
  • plant some veggies
  • read that book we’ve been meaning to
  • clean the gutters
  • start the blog about our favourite niche subject matter or hobby
  • pull everything out of the pantry and clean and rearrange it
  • learn to knit
  • start walking more
  • declutter our wardrobe
  • spend chunks of time binging on that series or movies we wish we’d seen
  • do a printed photo album (this one might be trickier given store closures, but we can sort out our digital photos ready to print!)

… and so on.

Each day or week of this different time is a chance to do a small thing from our ‘one day’ list.

Let’s make it count, and not have regrets on the other side.

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