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Grateful for what happened before the end

Today would have been the tenth anniversary of my now-former marriage. Ten years. A whole decade. But we didn’t make it this far; we separated last year, two months after we marked our ninth anniversary.

We ended our marriage because we no longer loved each other the way we once did, and were sadder together than we felt we would be apart. So together we acknowledged this and decided to go our separate ways.

But during our nine years together we made three beautiful children.

They are the loves of my life, my greatest achievements and the source of my melting heart and smiling face.

Like most decent parents, I see our children as amazing and special little people I (we) have the responsibility to help grow into bigger people with good values, kind hearts, determination, and empathy for others. My measure for a successful life will be whether I helped my family and community evolve and adapt to be better people than me. That’s it, nothing more. And I’m confident in saying my children will be, from the cumulative experiences and values me and their mother give them and instil in them.

So rather than be sad for a milestone not reached, today I am grateful for the three miracles we created together. We did good, we’re doing our best, and our children are happy and healthy. That’s a pretty good job so far.

Shine on, beautiful diamonds  xx

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  1. Prue Avatar

    Great way to look at the situation Joel.
    You guys did a great job raising awesome kids.

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