Humpty Dumpty Daddy

A personal and often-amusing story delivered with candour and a wry smile, this is a raw and honest reflection on fatherhood, mental health and the tradition of amusing storytelling between generations of men.

A native of Melbourne in his mid-30s, JC is a newly-divorced father of three reaching that point where he’s wondering what the devil it’s all for. Is working your arse off and never reaching the end of your ‘One Day’ list really living? Surely not…

JC speaks and writes very openly about his quest to maintain a healthy life and mind, and is working on comedy as both a writer and performer. Humpty Dumpty Daddy is his first solo show, and has already enjoyed critically-acclaimed seasons in Melbourne, Adelaide and Darwin.



“A wonderfully crafted story of life, love, male role models, parenting, suicide, survival, family and resilience.
The story of one bloke learning to be a man and the importance of connecting, talking and being open to others and one’s self.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll make a new friend and learn that you’re never alone.”

SANE Australia


  • “We need more shows like this and more discussions about this subject.”
  • “Clapham’s heart-on-his-sleeve approach brings the perfect amount of light to the proceedings, without detracting from his message.”
  • “An honest, everyday bloke standing before a group of strangers saying life can be a struggle.”
  • “This is not a comedy. It’s much more important than that.”

4 star review

– Adelaide Advertiser

  • “Humpty Dumpty Daddy is a fine work every man ought to see and every woman will appreciate.”
  • “Uncompromising pathos and a candour that startles and disarms.”
  • “Overwhelming tenderness behind piercing eyes.”
  • “A charming yet powerful watch, bravely and brilliantly delivered.”
  • “He clearly knows that the showing of emotions is a strength. To do what he has done is a demonstration of incredible strength.”

– Vera Poh, theatre reviewer

  • “Captivating storytelling”
  • “Takes dark subject matter and makes it light”
  • “Poignant & witty”


Upcoming shows

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